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A Podcast to listen to when you are all caught up on Netflix!

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Terri  & Tania

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These two HR gurus have a combined 50+ years of experience in all disciplines of Human Resource Management and Leadership. Tania Brammer, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, MSA, and Terri Vernon, SPHR, UC Irvine HR Management, met in 2004 and worked together for five years before moving on to other organizations. Tania, who lives in Kalamazoo, Michigan “Brrrrr…”, and Terri, a “Valley Girl” from Southern California now living in Orange County, never let the distance get in the way of their unique and vibrant friendship. They remained friends because of their love for DIY home improvement projects and careers in HR. It was during a recent bathroom remodel that Tania was doing when Terri reached out to discuss the tile placement. One thing led to the next and they found themselves discussing the creation of an HR Podcast. And so, GoTalkWithHR was created. 


Terri and Tania have an intuitive and approachable style that puts people at ease. In the business world, their offices were often filled with employees just needing to vent or asking for professional assistance for a variety of situations. Their style not only attracts those at the executive management level, but they can easily pivot to coach and guide all levels of staff as well. 


Thank you for finding GoTalkWithHR. We hope you find this space a resource that you can count on for those tough HR questions and situations that arise. 

Here's the office gossip about Terri & Tania

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“I worked with Terri, while she was VP of HR at a large Financial Institution. I was constantly impressed by her understanding of technology, organizational and interpersonal skills. Her maturity, professionalism, and creativity allowed her to excel in her role and made my role a pleasure. A wonderfully pleasant and genuine personality, I am glad to have worked with her for the time we did. Terri is a consummate professional- dedicated to knowing her business, and continuing to provide outstanding service to her peers, reports and vendors.”

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“Tania is the consummate professional. Her ability to work with people and understand how to get the most out of them is remarkable. In the role that Tania occupies, it takes a person who is flexible, clever, insightful and empathetic. Tania ticks all of those boxes and manages to do her job with passion, energy and a level of optimism and fun that is unsurpassed. Working with Tania and the entire team was a treat and seeing how she brings "a lot of moving parts" together to create a seamless outcome is nothing short of amazing.”

Areas of Expertise: Our Performance Review!

  • Human Resources: Performance Management, Development, Coaching, and Succession Planning

  • Employee Relations & Code of Conduct Issues including Title 7, EEOC, and grievances

  • Risk Management: Consulting, Strategic Planning, Investigation, and Case Management

  • Leadership: Department/Staff Management, Project Management, and Change Management

  • Organizational and Cultural Development

  • Training and Development (GAP analysis, Instructional Design, and Facilitation)

  • Talent Acquisition and Rightsizing/Downsizing

  • Onboarding/Employee Engagement

  • Compensation Plans, Career Pathing, and Succession Planning

  • FTE Reporting, Trend Analysis, and Budgeting

  • Staff Projections and KPI Development

  • Benefits Selection and administration

  • Speaking Engagements and Networking


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